Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cat Rain Na

Anyone noticing how katrina is such a bombastic combination of world calamities? Cynical self wonders, if the tsunami and the likes were news of the year [my year starts in december], Katrina is the khichdi news of the year. You have a hurricane impact, blown to Tsunami have stories afloat of relief efforts,covered by media to mumbai flood proportions [albeit way more botched up, but also leads me to think of the media's role in reporting here vs. NOT reporting there] and you have well, evacuations, of Gazaa strip proportions. Now if a looter of the nearest seven-eleven near new orleans downtown posed a terrorist threat, it would be the 'news that can explain the planet earth 2005 in one single event' deal.

Please to note, I FEEL for New Orleans people. And I dont wanna do the barbara bush thing, but who thinks this article is worth a consideration? Its a case AGAINST rebuilding new orleans, if that were possible. ANd a note on katrina's impact on price gouging.

ok, someone tell this guy 9/11 is passe. seriously. When he did his 9/11 comparison to Infosys in india, certain someones sniggered in an amused tone [pointed look at self's battered half]. but katrina to 9/11? whats the deal mr.fried man? run out of steam with your "i tell my daughters to buckle up and do homework, kids in india will take up your future jobs otherwise!" melodramatic statements?


This was officially the sweetest match in a long time, and no, self's bias towards shiny bald-plate agassi notwithstanding. till damn channel 105 cut the last half hour to show half of 'law and order SVU'. I dont mind the show, really, its perfect for a dinner of maggi and smoothie and non-laugh track TV time. But whoa! cutting a match to show a half-over show? deja vu of Doordarshan days anyone?

soapbox channel

and now, for the soapbox channel..and for those who religiously read the "odd news" section of reuters, I give you..this.

and dont bother asking what psychos live in today's world, the chili incident in california was enough to prove what kinds. and for the entertainment section, we have a pop question:

How will upcoming model-became-actress [ahem. MBA for short] katrina kaif be impacted by the katrina?

a) her career is predicted to be a disaster
b) she will be the hurricane of bollywood
c) she will be blamed for all flops in the industry by the superstitious folk [thats *.* in bollywood]