Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Here we go, a-job hunting oh!

Allrighty, there is nothing that screams "I am a Bay Area native!!" better than being laid-off in a recession. Well, that and getting an iPhone within the first year of its launch. I qualify with both i guess.

After killing myself with overloaded course-work, the MBA is finally out of the way and am looking at the job market with renewed vigor [well that, and the unemployment insurance guys keep self on my toes job-applying-wise].

Recently stepped out of the warm comfort of linkedin, craigstlist and pretty-boring-hotjobs to and omg!! the spam is incredible!! I got 3 interview reuqest emails from aflac [they dont have a duck logo on their emails. strange] and a couple of pharma companies. Jeez, now clearing job-mail spam is a daily activity.

I think the key is to dedicate a couple-hours everyday for job applications and cover letters. And quality oughta win over quantity of jobs applied for. How effective are networking/mixer events for job-seekers? Not very, I hope. I mean, honestly, its a breeding ground for competitive jostling. Everyone knows everyone else is there for the job that you want. And how likely is it that a well-written resume will always lose to chirpy introductions within 30 seconds? [save me the 'two minute elevator speech' advice. I would just as easily hand over the prospective employer my twitter id].

Tweaking my resume as I type!