Friday, December 30, 2005

Is it only me?

I am no investigative journalist, but when i saw this and this, i was kinda thrilled about 'black' however rehashed, being chosen on time's top 10 list. Even here! However, a visit to the time magazine site revealed, well, nothing. No black, nothing! what gives?? Am i missing something here? Is there a different list online and a different list for the print version?

Update: looks like the Time Asia list is different, still trying to figure why, coz there are a lot of overlaps anyway..anycase, mystery solved looks like.

Update #2: Time magazine's reponse to my question below

*** city ***
San Francisco, CA

I was wondering why your top films list here is different from the
one on Times Asia. And assuming that Times Asia is for asian movies
as well, why the asian movies here [2046 and Kung-Fu hustle] were
DROPPED to accomodate black and the thai movie on the asia list.


Since the international editions of TIME are produced for different
audiences, they are neither identical to the U.S. edition nor to each
other. The editors at each edition are somewhat autonomous and make
different decisions about what content to publish.

Thank you for your interest, and all best wishes in the new year.


Well, it still doesnt make sense to me. Its the same reviewer/columnist with two different lists for two different editions..Time is yet to respond to second query.

Update #3:

My Mail:
Thanks for the response. It still doesnt make sense, its the SAME
>columnist who is rating the movies, how can he have two different
>list for two different editions? isnt it his personal opinion?
>I am talking of the link here
>and here

Time’s response:

Actually it does make sense. While “Citizen Dog” had wide release in
Thailand, how many people in the U.S. have had a chance, or will have
a chance, to see it? Our lists are just not that universal.

Besides, what a waste of time it would have been for you to look at
both websites and see the same list. Eye-wink


Friday, December 23, 2005

I confess I am a...

listener of Christmas Carols..CORNY to be precise [Christmas on Rhyming Notes, YES!!]. First my defense:

1) NO, its not some colonial hangover. Well, it possibly is, but i havent really heard too many Jain songs for Mahavir Jayanthi, so i will stick to the most popular [Ganesh mandal rehashes of popular bollywood movies to ganeshish proportions notwithstanding]

2) Yes, i studied in a convent school. I was that kid who solemnly stacked the hymns book in her schoolbag everyday, and even yelped joyously when the nuns chose my favorite one to sing in the morning prayers.

3) And no, i dont always like christmas carols, especially when the retailers give the step-sisterly treatment to thanksgiving and insensitively play christmas songs during TG.

I, simply put, enjoy the christmas carols. I do have my radio switched to the station that plays the most of it. Some would say its my childhood denial syndrome kicking in, that when as the only ‘convent-bred’ kid, i could get away with singing “sound of music” and still be patted on head for singing like those choir-girls for xmas. To be fair, Xmas carols are not too hard on the ears, and i truly feel there is a magic to it. So while the rest of the country decides to call it a celebration of festiveness or some such lame stuff, I will tune my music station to xmas carols and light a fire in the fireplace of our californian rented home [aw you chicago-folk…dont balk!] and pretend i am in an enid-blyton novel. Which probably makes it a literary-hangover more than a colonial-hangover.

Coz i know, atleast where i come from, retailers will bravely put out christmas logos and share pedas under the christmas trees with customers. And know all is well in the “Merry christmas” land.

Delirious from overdose of office-gifts for the festive season,