Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back..what's new?

Hmm..back after more than a year to blogging..yowza!! Let's see now, what changed since the last time I blogged [pulling out fingers to count]
1) Moved to San Francisco, can now officially wince when someone says 'Frisco' [you see anything about SF on this page? yep. thats the point]
2) Moved jobs. Work a block from abovesaid place in the city. Yep, yep luckyass commute n all. Yep, I can peek to see if the boss goes in before I do. Nope, I dont nap at home during lunchbreak. Jeez, isnt that what conference rooms are for?
3) Jan 1st 2008 shocker #1. Got an iPhone.
4) Jan 1st 2008 shocker #2. Got a 'yes' on a preggo test.
5) Discovery #1 of the year: Both have solid potential to eat up my time.

There, thats the status update [folding up 5 fingers now to type furiously back].

So whats the perpetual misfit sposed to blog about now? plennty of fodder for thought..pleeennttyyyy. [stacking up pregnancy magazines neatly onto one side and glancing woefully at a foggy SF evening in April when the day had 78 degree heat wave. Bah!]

Figuring out whats the electronic equivalent of chewing tip of pencil,
Update: Wait!! Been more than TWO!! what was I doing not blogging for two years? getting a life or smtg?? j/k!

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