Thursday, October 07, 2004

Am disappointed in you, Helen!

well, there was potential, there was the "could have been", there was drama and hype..but no fizz was there? nope..not talking of the latest hindi flick St.Helens up in Washington..all that fizz for nuthin..could've atleast done something couldnt she? about it on National Geographic

speaking of dismal flops, aishwarya was needled for her choice of formal westerwear for the premiere of bride and prejudice...some fella called it a "nightdown with a poodle at her neck". pish posh! who cares? well i do when i got 20 minutes of lunch anycase, the movie is being hyped about insanely..which sickens me..i mean, look what hype did to the likes of mani ratnam, farhan anycase, dont they know better than to let the media badger on it incessantly?

ooh in other news, Johhny Depp is gonna act in a movie titled shantaram..whoa! before rediff rides the " india is a global name now" vehicle, lemme give ya the scoop..the movie is set in india but is about an australian..phew! howmuchever i like the fella, scary visions of stumbling over hindi and trying to pass off as an indian, i dont wanna see.

well well well..sometimes you sitting there, contemplating and all those things..thinking of possibilities..and answers to profound questions like who am i? does god exist? and what happens if you pour gasoline down the toilet? well the first my mom would be happy to answer with a few choicy adjectives, for the second my brother will point at his mirror and the third, yahoo news takes responsibility for.check here


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