Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Well Well Well

Now know how to split water from the milk and whipped cream from the dessert - those who asked "whither art me" or questions to that effect, here i am! and for those who didnt, you should know you are water or whipped cream equivalents in the blogging world.

Well well back from a giddyingly enjoyable vacation and an equally giddyingly busy week (in my world..wednesday marks the end of the week..thursday and friday are wannabe weekdays). and what do i see? presidential debates with tongue-tied parrots, vice presidential debates with insane exaggerations and SP2 on my desktop! The first amuses me, the second doesnt interest me and the third alarms me.Gingerly felt around my desktop and browsers and wonder of wonders, my PC aint dead yet!Hurrah..i survived another SP attack!

In the local world, everything has been going on just fine without moi. ants comfortably took over the kitchen, inspite of feverent prayers my living room did not self-clean while me gone and the library charged me 30 c for a delayed i care? too busy copying photos onto the PC and attacking them with myriad photo-editing tools. which brings me to the point of the blog (yeah yeah..miraculously i do have it sometimes)

Does one even realize how mind-boggling the world of digital cameras and photos have gotten? if you thought the evolution stopped at digital cameras and printers that could print the photos for deserve to rub your nose in digital mud. Tinkering around my yahoo photos this week, i found stuff as listed below:

1 embarassing snap of me, embarassing myself further in the kitchen ( in manner of cooking, if that puts ideas at ease)

a guide to taking great digital photos
a guide to photo editing software
a list of ways i could print me photos...fiddled around with it and hey presto! got a mail with our mini cooper as a fridge magnet!

After working on changing colors, creating musical slideshows of photos and creating disconnected movies out of 20 second clips ( prancing around a beach in manner of sridevi to the music of late 80's romantic ballad in the end product), i finally pronounce myself ready for a sophisticated photo editing me, its mind-boggling what you can do with photo-editing software these days..from 12 month calendars to magazine covers to collage and absolutely amazing edits and enhacements, they rock the photo world!

Best part is, its right there on your PC..not in some dingy dark can be a "do"able hobby now! all you need is your digital camera and a 40$ photos and suchlike even print it for 30c apiece. my fav? head-swapping features! muaahaaa..

am back in the blogosphere guys..more on my trip and news coming soon!

No more a hot-shot baby,


SeaSwallowMe said...

hey fellow-fremont-vasi ;-))

LOL @ "the head-swapping" thing .. that related HP-ad is pretty cool ;-)))

and btw, the next time i see a mini-cooper-borne-desi at a stop light, it just might be you, huh ? ;-))

Peppy said...

yep..unless i am a wannabe fremontian, wannabe mini-cooperian, wannabe female whoz just living my dream on blogosphere :-p

SeaSwallowMe said...

"wannabe fremontian".... ROTFLMAO ... sapna, i've never heard of a wannabe-fremontian until this moment. you ever think of running for the mayor's post .. you'd win in a landslide :-))

.. i'm still laughing ;-))