Thursday, July 08, 2004

Blogger Utopia?pish-posh supposed to be knee-deep with responses to my blog by now according to my "Despo's guide to blogging" (despo meaning desperate not despodent though lack of resposes invoke similar reactions in self).

Read an interesting article on blogging though
in the time i managed to switch (am self-proclaimed Alt + Tab Queen) to another browser window.

Apparently, blogging takes the life out of bloggers and is considered an ego stroking exercise. why would that be? This is exactly the kind of articles that prompt penniless authors to become penniful by writing books such as 'The new social evil of blogging' that goes onto proclaim blogging as a potential threat to productive employees. Then companies can pass resolutions to ban employee blogging, thus making it more tempting for them to bog on the sly - thus making blogsites more successful by the day. Its all a conspiracy i tell you, I didnt watch the Matrix for nothing. Some conspiracies I have noted though:

1) notice how everyone thinks that 'time flies'? Is an international dateline conspiracy. Time IS moving fast, someone up there is spinning the hands right off the clock.

2) How you see ads for hives by Tylenol, and then actually get hives on self? unless therez a psychological implication there, i bet someone is spreading the hives virus coz tylenol made a pill for it.

suspiciously yours


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