Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Thats me rediscovering my blogspot..have been educating self on what the world thinks of bloggers..and not very pleased with what I read..hmph.  Rebel on bloggers!

Finally..folks DO believe Instant Messenger is useful (MSN invested huge greenies in it last week).. I find the whole idea behind the IM rather Zany (noun. Extremely cool and fun.) Thank you for whole-hearted applause. Especially the Yahoo Messenger. The smileys are just unbelievably funny.. Call it my new hobby if you will, but if a messenger allows me to listen to love songs while i play a silly game of cards with my mom,it is a notch above even Zany (noun. The highest form of praise in the blogger dictionary). Anyways..discoveries of the past week.

1) rediscovering Bourne - part. two is plain mindblowing. Damn the critics. Really, if it is a possible action, damn them. Has all the effects needed for a spy movie and it ROCKS!

2) Hearing crazy things about the village..apparently the demons the villagers are scared of are industries and construction crews.hm...i pay 8$ for this?

3) Blogmania. from DNC to product launches. Well, smtg like this was bound to happen wasnt it. We had Internet, then mail, then IM (loyalty rolls on)..then the public had zilch to jump around for. Larger mailboxes, yaaawwnn... its like the discovery of fridge Vs. Large fridges. Who cares anymore? but blogging is definitely a phenomenon. Blogging 101 in universities, blogger moms and blogging conventions. Will be damned if am not into this early. Then can proceed to preen about life-long blogging talent when am 45. Zany as it may seem (Zany. Noun. crazy,illogical or blind sheep phenomenon).

4) waistlines - woeful discovery of the week. waistline remains at a puppy fattish 28 only to grow to 30 by lunchtime. Scientific fact that waistlines balloon during the day (when i shall wear tight jeans that pop out buttons like popcorn by lunchtime). hmph..how Zany is that (Zany. undependable. untrustable).

Oh well..got an exciting week coming up.lets see now. Therez the school reunion tonite at a coffee shop (with a guaranteed "thou shalt be lost" address by Atsuko). Tomorrow shall relaunch ditched website project. Doc apintment on Friday. YUCK..absolutely definite blogging on THAT day...

Zanycally yours


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