Thursday, July 08, 2004

A fine day to start blogging

Thursday morning 9:20 A.M

Laundry merrily hopping in the washing machine.phew!

Whats the deal with laundering? ( i speak entirely in the garment sense here). I pretend its a huge chore that hangs above my head - fact is, it takes three minutes of my precious time to do it.dump, pour and click cycle.Ah, but wherez the joy of moping if i do it when i should? A pal calling inevitably gets the huge sigh "I have TONS of laundry to do". Like i actually sort and bleach and color them right anyways.pshaw! first blog and i already first blog inspite of reading the nanny diaries and the broke diaries. For the talent scouts reading this out there, I can do much better than this, i swear. For all the pals obligated to read this, skip it. There's no gossip here, neither anything I havent already told you about. Just tell me its a great first blog when you meet me. For the rest, WHY?

Fact is, am terrified of blogging. Kinda reminds me of interviewing. You can talk till your pals scream blue murder, but put you in an interview and your throat goes dry, palms go cold ( i know they popularly sweat, but mine are different) and the loo suddenly seems inviting. Same thing with blogging methinks. I can write pages and pages in MS-Word (with pretty fonts and backgrounds) but put me into a blog and the mind freezes. Questions pop from various unknown areas of the mind "will they like me" "do i sound cool and confident" "Do i sound smart" " Am i ranting too much" "why are they even reading this?".

Oh well. I promised to blog and i shall. oooh.also,I promised to dedicate my first blog to the co-founder of the "ya ya sisterhood" (trust me, we are the originals). So herez to dhana and our sisterhood. As also an ode to the "giggling goats guide to the galaxy" -our long pending guide to insane living.

Weeelll..that wasnt so bad was it? I raved, reflected and dedicated. Hurrah for my first blog!


A freshly laundered me.

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