Thursday, September 16, 2004

A Beer, A Massage And A Molar - I wanna be healthy

Individually of course....should learn something in blog titles shudnt i?

Coming to the point..MSNBC reports dentists now are collaborating with spas to give ya a manicure while getting that tooth cleaned, or a foot massage when getting that molar filled..wild concept, no doubt..and undoubtedly makes folks curious enough to see what the denspas offer(or spaden if you please..its me whoz making up these linguistic blends) ..but get this, you are combining something you love with something you hate (Aw comeon..who you kidding? Even if the dentist was your bridesmaid, you arent exactly running to her electric chair are you?) anycase..this kinda package deal just signals one thing to me..dont mess a good thing, and dont try to better a bad dont want your manicure to be remembered to be the time you had a swollen cheek..or a foot massage to be remembered coz that was the time you couldnt feel your tongue for a whole week..pshaw!you DONT wanna think of these great memories and wince.. Its like remembering your wedding to be the day your hairdo fell off (which sniff....can be quite traumatic especially if its lying in grandma's purse the rest of the wedding..ask me!)

Finally..a study i can frame in my living is good for your health folks.not wine, not milkshake..its beer. For all my beer-hating pals, and the ones who turn their tiny noses up at manna from brewery, my case rests here.

Well Well Well..your past finally DOES catch up doesnt it? remember your fondest memories of college being that you ran away from the restaurant without tipping? and felt devilishly delighted about saving money? yeah yeah..ha ha ha.well well stop the laughter. There can be cases when you will be marched right into jail for being stingy babcock(WHO? i dunno..just rolled off my tongue). anyways, guy finally got off police custody, was arrested for not tippin absolutely topping!

And finally, my sweet revenge at all things cellular. Once upon a time, long long ago..i took the express bus 180 to get to San Jose every single day..and suffered through mobile-possessed passengers discussing any or all of the most painful topics that could occupy the planet..handicapped myself with a very expensive mobile plan, i silently muttered voodoo curses that folks traveling all over the world undergo the same..and now they can! airbuses report cellphones work with no problems during the flight. Sunder, let the music begin :-) and yes, my voodoo curses usually work. The line may begin now, and only cash please.

Important news on Pavitr Prabhakar..wha? you dont know who that is? shame on ya..especially if i can see that bell in your head ring at the name Peter Parker..well,(am being quite contemptuous here) Pavitr Prabhakar is desi-spiderman guys..hez in a dhoti and jootis..though the upper part of the costume is the same--love the storyline for indian audience as well as the visuals and innovative favorite?Mary Jain is Meera Jain ..and he fights rakshashas instead of Doc Ock and suchlikes..we've come a long way since "hotel ke andar bandar" and "Sher dil" guys..applaud and wipe away that proud tear..oh also check it out at

now for the quiz! this one ought to be easy..(its ok..let me be in my smug cheating knowledge)
What do you call a stock market trend that is neither bullish nor bearish? a) Flat market b) Stable market c) Chicken market

Bhayankar Chipkali,


Swimmerina said...

and the answer is pak pak pak pakkakak pak chicken!!

Swimmerina said...

and the answer is pak pak pak pakkakak pak chicken market!!