Thursday, September 30, 2004

Off to wallpaper country

or so it seems on websites that list lodging in ears got sick of listening to folks (actually one particular fella whoz been on the east coast enough to qualify speaking of fall colors incessantly) my brain readily agreed to a trip to the likes of vermont, maine and boston.kinda a patelpoint thing ya know? wha?? you dont know the patelpoint phenomenon?jeez..and you call yourself a patriotic netizen.shame on ya!even though its an invalid website (my giggling goat comrade conned me on this one), the concept of patel point is based on the notion that most indians compulsorily visit the socalled "tourist spots" just coz its called know, the botanical garden and the lake in ooty varieties (since have lived in ooty, can promise there are way more cooler places around there).anyway, so its a tick mark thingie..mystery spot, check. golden gate bridge, check..mystery house in san jose, check. well, wanna do a check on fall colors so am off on a trip that includes alamo car rental (no guarantees on CD players, arent they a government-required accessory these days?) cottages with cheesy wallpapers (is this the kinda place where cottage cheese was born?) and long drives that go through woods that hopefully look like the background in "the hero". not the indian movie god no!! (i should know, dragged 10 folks to watch this trash in ahem a theatre)

Wallpaper my soul


Anonymous said...

well being a loyal east-coast resident, i won't listen to this!! fall out here is way more than a patel spot. its one of the best things about living here. more beautiful than you can ever imagine - and i know how fall ignores san jose!

yet another1 said...

fall in vermont is definitely worth a visit - patel point or not! colors are just too good to be missed!

buckwaasur said...

Have a great trip! And don't you be trippin' on 'em cottage cheese wallpapers. :-))


Peppy said...

yikes-didnt mean to offend east coasters there (akin to tea coasters in manner of scalding hot reactions)? was well worth the visit- arentchall lucky