Tuesday, September 21, 2004

TV Shows- Why Do YOU Complain?

Discovery at 11:00 PM yesterday..Anyone who watches TV today fall into three definite categories
1) The closet fans - these are the ones that constantly criticize the likes of reality shows and 'sex and the city' shows. Yet they diligently watch it and know the 'recall' or 'switch' buttons on the remote like the cricket fan who can 'refresh' the scorecard in his/her sleep. (despite a desperate effort at including the female of the species, I know no female actually sits gaping at a PC Screen with the sole objective of hitting F5 every 45 seconds)
2) The 'denial'lers - the ones who simply do not believe that good TV is over. They are the die-hard M*A*S*H lovers, Friends, seinfeld and fraiser lovers. And face it, in manner of grave 60's hollywood movies, "its all over" now. But they will be damned if they believe it, they will know the timing of the 6th season 7th episode reruns better than the schedule of their BART trains. Time-warped they may be, but TV Dead they are not.Theirs is the TV screen you see shimmer dimly through windows at 11:30 pm like characters out of Isaac Asimov novels.
3) The ones who love the soaps, and arent afraid to flaunt it. They will watch Gilroy sisters, and two shrub mountains (or is that one tree hill?) and bigville and the likes, and positively jump with joy/fury/sympathy depending on the scene. They are the true sunshine watchers who believe Good TV exists, and trust me, in their minds, it does!
annyways, if the biggest complaint against TV today is the influence of power-mongers (FOX News and the likes), alarming makeovers with no rhyme or reason and blatant ignorance of practicality and common-sense. There is one channel uses common-sense, practicality and the brains to its hilt. I speak of no less than HGTV. Guys, turn back to this screen and READ ( btw..i know a friend's friend's friend, a guy, who DOES watch HGTV so there!)
Home and Garden TV, for one has some sense in what they do - there is no reasonless and aimless makeovers. They all have a purpose, an aim and very very detailed strategies. there is planning, there is a budget and there are constraints as well as advantages. It should appeal to the mathematically inclined, for the simple fact that there is a problem-strategy-solution method of working. It should appeal to the creative-minded for its color-decorate and beautifying efforts. It should also appeal to the managementically inclined, coz lo and behold you have a management problem, constraints and issues, and finally a workable solution (for further MBAish effect, there is a huge paradigm shift too :-))
Even if its surprising that during the dawn of media,creative,pretty and useless defined decorating shows. Practical, useful and uninfluenced defined the news...and today its vice-versa.But atleast you can claim to have watched a botox-free,rigging-free and fake-emotion free show on TV.

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sisyphus said...

home and garden tv? i'm tempted to make a flippant remark about manure for the mind :). i finally caved in yesterday and ordered cable. they're setting it up on thursday and i'm frizzing with anticipation at all of those cool on-demand movies lining up behind my tv.
but this is a tres cool blog and i've linked to it off my blog. it's much easier than bookmarking and replicating my bookmarks on different machines.