Friday, September 10, 2004

Of Mithun memories and pixie dogs

Ok the last day of a truly exhausting week (lower that eyebrow please. Just coz i blog everyday doesnt mean i have nothing to do..if you MUST know, i blog in the evenings and post-date blog it)..and in the spirit of looking forward to a wonderfully relaxing weekend, i dedicate this blog to absolute nonsensical news (the previous blogs werent, if you were thinking on those lines. They were just testing your tolerance + I.Q level, and lets just say-you have a looong way to go)..anyways, ring up the headlines on nutcase times...

Latest addition to the Guinness book guys, a dog with the longest ears-over a foot anyone win it for the human race? Methinks me has a chance..yeah, mom..i saw through your trick of convincing me that long ears means i am lucky, or that i hear better than most. They are just pixie-long, or rabbit-long, depending on if you believe in fairy tales or not...but then, maybe folks who pierce themselves all over, would actually be jealous of me..say, there might be this person somewhere in the world going "Damn!sapna has loong ears..she could easily dangle 12 earrings .if only i did too!"

Oops.sorry for this useful bit of info to intrude into nonsense time, but you guys GOTTA check out the new blackberry..its, to say the least..the coolest thing since man invented autolit handbags ( i call it the ultmate search - the light goes on for just enough time to pull out that chapstick from my handbag).oops.i digress, the blackberry..for a short gist of wot its got, its got email for upto 10 mail accounts, IM tools (yahoo, msn..the works), the usual phone bit, a bit of a get-used-to-it-and-will-be-ok keypad, and browsers..for a price of...hold your breath..$200...and its sleeker too..get hip guys, before my mom gets it (really, she is out there..she wants a cameraphone now to take photos of furniture she wants dad to approve..and here i am, wallowing with my nokia bricklike phone!)

back to nonsense news..(and oh, you can breathe again).lets say this weekend, the summer finally gets to you..and you decide to watch a hindi of the five word movies at that..try the latest salman khan flick..its got a dead wife..whose heart is put into a heart-patient..who.umm..starts loving everyone that wife dearest did..coz umm..the heart is the same right?yikes..stop that..i say STOP smacking your head..its not your fault- it really've survived mithun movies where he shoots his own head to get rid of the tumor..or the movie where he shoots the bullet into a knife to slice it for two bad can survive this too..check out a bad review of a bad movie at

this a labor day miracle (christmas miracles happen no more)..a guy gets run over by a train, coz hez lying drunk on the tracks..and errr...LIVES..and hten gets run over another train..and yikes..lives again! you can consider it a miracle or wotever..but think about this, what if he was trying to commit suicide? [insert cynical laugh here]

alive and well,

P.S-oh well.ho hum. (secretly pleased)..due to popular demand..will do one last quiz for the week..but i expect every one of ya to respond to this..coz if you dont, you are dropped off my list for lack of G.K (stop rejoicing already! i am still gonna spam ya).
so here goesThe brilliant Coca-Cola signs that dot skylines the world over are known as..? a) Billboards b) Spectaculars c) Festoons

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