Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I have a dream- and i aint MLK

I bet everyone read articles that go "Amisha patel chipped a toenail" to "Kareena kapoor is not a morning person".how could you not? its right up there, unblinkingly starting at you, from the headlines of rediff.coms and timesofindia.coms. The main page of any news website, i say, is like your front-page of newspaper. And even if the sanctity of newspapers are long since gone (dunno how the hindu is doing now), respect the frontpage.please.

Admittedly, it is but practical to expect a certain dilution of the lines that seperate such distinctions online. And i am the one who raises a bored eyebrow at all the remix-haters as well as the ones who lament "where did good ole quality songs go?". (am trying to prove a point that i am a 'progression' tolerant person). Evolution, like it or not, includes change. Remixes are a change, a fad, the same way mohammed rafi was to some. I bet my lunch that great grandmothers scoffed rafi and mukesh songs. so live with it, remixes and rap or not.

But i do have a problem when i am expected to be tolerant of demented news just coz "tabloid press" is the new is news, information, uninterrupted and preferably unpolluted. music, howmuchever you love it is still entertainment. Why would i see newsertainment as a useful source for either?and dont even get me started on the "caught inbetweeners", movie and music reviewers.

Therefore guys (or dudes if you prefer. i consider them gender neutral terms btw), i have a dream.not necessarily along the lines of MLK though. an institute to IITisque proportions, only its IIHA (right. as in the donkey or the war cry sound). Indian Institute of Humanities and Arts. For journalism, news reporting, creative writing or critique writing.yeah yeah laugh if you will..but in my head, its a glorious institute..with established journalists for teachers..vir sanghvi and prannoy royish folks as head of departments and admirable graduates. I have it all planned out, its got the journalism department, the News department, graduation programs in advertising, creative writing. ooh ooh..everything thats media and is right...A standard my friends, set by the highest in these fields. Standards never hurt anyone, atleast it distinguishes good from the bad. high schoolers will vie to get in, engineering wouldnt always be the field for anyone above 88.7% aggregate. of course, since it will be so damn successful i shall expand into other humanity programs as well as hire the top creative minds in and out of the country to participate. i will also earn oodles of money and start my own media company, but it will end up as a biased organization that eventually reports whats hot in tabloid news coz i need the money.

but before that happens, i will sit, a cuppa tea in hand..comfy in my sofa, browsing through crisp news, brilliant reporting and pathbreaking investigations that dont end at discovering how many stitches salman khan needed after pounding ash's door.


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buckwaasur said...

LOL!! hilarious!! keep going. :-))