Monday, September 13, 2004

Yaaawn..Blink Blink

Monday morning with 3 hours of sleep is like going white-water rafting in a suit--idiotically unprepared(even my secret formula of blinking rapidly at the screen doesnt help)..was up on a giggling-goats mission with a fellow-goat..watched a good desi movie (its not a myth..they are real and they do exist) and partook in a prattling competition.anyways..enough on me and monday mornings..wots the crazy-lowdown for the day?

amchi laloo prasad yadav discovered no great way to climb into newscharts..seriously, the guy is like some fading fim-star..always looking for ways to get into news..last week he claimed he was internet savvy (apparently hez uploaded info on nefarious activities by oppostion on eeentaaaeenaaat) now he claims harvard wants his in stop the sniggering.the man is famous, he even has a movie being released on him n all that..aaanyways..apparently the harvard is doing a study on the man in the sociology department? check it here....also, readers are welcome to respond to the name of this study on the guy..imaginative and 'out-there' titles to the study get a free poster of get down to work with your keys and monitor..

speaking of keys and monitor (coz pen and paper is passe') whoz written recently? as in..pen on paper? cudnt drag my hunk of a PC to the TV screen on saturday and tried to write on paper..maaan its fingers ached, my nails complained and my palm sullenly swore revenge..fact is, keys and buttons are as much of exercise they willing to do...why dont dieters ask folks to get their fingers exercise?start small being the can get folks to flex fingers, stretch palms, and write one page a day ..hell we could even have workouts..fingerexercise 101. workout anytime, anywhere..all you need is a pen n paper....umm, stop!

Dunno if i already blogged this, but Joey is a huge hit.a pal's pal claims that all the best jokes are the promos and ads already..but hey, loyalty drives me to joey - even if he looks old, fat n jaded and extremely uncomfy being dumb all over again..

Its official guys..Fall is here, though a change in date shouldnt automatically change my willingness to enjoy the weather, the shops hoarding on fall fashions say so..and i listen intently ..aanyyways..for the so-inclined, check out online fashion hubs..especially ..they have the most unbelieavable deals ever!

speaking of great deals- bangladeshi beggars are sparking jealousy waves all over beggar circuit..a bank has started on a project to give them cellphones instead of they could roam around n ask, and this is for real, "do you wanna make a call? and a buck" ..they sorta like mobile payphones...hmm..thats a about doing the same to internet? mobile internet cafes..anyways..check the story on yahoo

ookie time for the question of the day!! last quiz q had a surprise participant (he resisted and desisted but couldnt stay away too long) Shalabh! bravo! your quiz counter account has been initiated!anyways, an unusual question to wake you up today..

Early in his career, Kishore Kumar, modeled for an ad - the only one he ever modeled for. Name the ad .. a) Brylcreem b) Palmolive c) Colgate d) indian railways
(pssst.. the ad even had Farokh Engineer as the first Indian cricketer to model for it)


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