Monday, September 13, 2004

Fingerprinting Keyboards, Optical Mice and Independent Ears

Research study time again guys -Apparently, a study has discovered that one ear is not like the other.ahaaan. We all know left brain aint doin the same things the Right brain doth, and now its known ears dont want stereotypes - they are out there trying to create their own identity in a human anycase, this study's results seem logical. I mean, obviously both ears dont do the same thing! Three simple ways to deduce this and thus save money on expensive research:

1) Guy listening to his wife while watching a game on the TV - Left ear for wife is trained to transmit only dangerous clues and purge the rest, while the right ear trasmits commentary on a millisecond to millisecond basis.
2) Woman on a shopping mission with a whining guy -selective hearing for the guy while other ear is on phone transmitting and receiving info on deals a pal has gotten.
And since i try quite sincerely to stay away from stereotyping guys and women, the third and fourth scenario can be permutuations and combinations of the above two.thank you.

USA plays the mini World Cup - ummm in Cricket. Indiatimes finds it strangely funny, and i do too..for the only reason that most of the cricket-starved indians in the U.S didnt seem to know of this...and also by the scorecard dunno why, but would've expected to see more indian immigrants or pakistani immigrants in there!

Wired magazine has a product review for Microsoft Optical Desktop, a biometric mouse and keyboard set that uses fingerprinting techniques (aw man..even in using a PC??) for recognition once all the usernames/passwords are in..its gonna be out in october for 105$..should be atleast a start for these kinda devices, but will stick to my "k missing scroll lock stuck" keyboard and outdated two button mouse till the prices go down.

oooh finally visited a restaurant i cant stop raving about..Cascal, near Castro street. Spanish cuisine and the most AMAZING decor i'd ever seen in a resto..awesome food, amazing Margaritas (try the cascal special) and live music on fridays that ROCKS! reservation compulsory and outdoor dining is allowed..and prices that keeps my wallet fatty and my heart light!woohoo!

Oprah gave away cars to all of her studio trying my best to look bored and uninterested about it, but MAN whatta way to create hungama...websites went ballistic as usual, and the "i've never won anything" types like me grouch and sulk at unfairness in the world while consoling ourselves with pointless proverbs made up by sureshot losers.

Quiz of the day guys..Surprise and correct entry by Vibes makes her the winner for yesterday..woohoo!! secret sources tell me that Arvinder uses Google for a bit too many things, including THE the spirit of sportsmanship, he is disqualified (but in the spirit of the spirits he gifts me, i secretly include him again)

When translated in Korean what does Daewoo mean? a) Great Universe b) People's Product c) Great Strides..

Ambidextrous and Ambiauditorically,

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