Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Of earth shattering quakes and brain shattering thoughts

tsk tsk..spoke too soon didnt i?words flew outta my keyboard and i regretted it instanter..actually a couple of minutes later..you see, a certain righteously outraged MBA i know insisted on pointing me to this site..apparently MBA's ( a term not meant in a derogatory sense mind you. lets just classify all folks who compulsorily use words > 12 characters as MBA's shall we? even if it might be sewing a button, so you know where they stand linguistically) have come into the class of doctors, lawyers, etc. Apart from the singular similar factor being their payscales, they now share a penchant of creating "unknown but handily invented words".well, this site hosts a tool that helps you with the paradigm shifts, literally..it translates the multi-syllable words for your character challenged friends and family..hmm, note the especially sympathetic tone on the page. Do i really wanna be sympathized for my need for simplified language? but to give these guys credit, they atleast tried to create an "MBA dictionary", so to speak.
In other shattering news, earthquake in central california guys..checkhttp://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&e=4&u=/ap/20040928/ap_on_re_us/calif_quakedidnt feel a thing though. reading the news shook me more than the earthquake itself...visions of cracking roads and falling bridges haunted me.. i could almost hear creaking and low rumbling...shudder shudder!and then, there was lunch.
new generation TV guys..tv shows over phone lines..for the TiVO enthusiasts and the downloadable movie geeks, herez a new hype to keep you happy..http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,65105,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_11
a question though..is there such a a thing as "too many choices"? transitioning from watching news for the hearing impaired just coz there was nothing else, to watching whatever you feel, whenever you feel like and wherever you feel like, have we lost anything? does evolution have to necessarily mean we become more demanding?is it just me, or does anyone else see that breaking your head over 2000 movie choices for 2 hours, and then doing in-office yoga for work-related stress somehow seems ironic? is it just possible, that too many choices is actually too much of an overload? think about it...your brain is making choices from your toothpaste in the morning to your complicated coffee order to the right choice of traffic route home..and then therez "stress" that everyone complains of..if you were to simplify your life, in terms of choices,could you actually be more productive?

seemingly unproductive,


yet another1 said...

Hey Sapna! Was a silent fan of your blogs - am glad to see u here!

buckwaasur said...

Moi was a not-so-silent fan...:-)))

Glad to see this blogsite too. :-)

Peppy said...

ooh guess what..me too :-)
thnks guys..sure is cool to be a part of a "writing community".