Monday, September 20, 2004

Of Eating Words, And Corny humor

Oh well, another weekend, another round of discovering restaurant and surprising cooking skills..
Discovered - spice hut. came highly recommended from a pal(cant remember who, or for that matter how high) but gave it a go last night (following a long drive sponsored by Sunder who insisted on proving that you could get to any city without touching the freeway. we did fremont-san jose) the place is some kinda fusion cuisine methinks..had everything from french fries to dosa verdict? go to McDonalds for the fries and SV.bhavan for the dosas..let them lie where they belong.
Anyways,in news around the world..a chinese couple was fined about $95,000 for breaking the law.Makes headlines on apna news coz their crime was having more than one child...apparently punishment can involve power-cuts to the home of yours and your relatives.anychances for a rule in India that pesky relatives shouldnt ask about 'plans for children' even before you get outta the wedding dress? better still, they should be fined huge sums for intolerable peskiness, as well as lose the right to speak to newlyweds for an indefinite period of time.

britney spears married guys..once reason i should be really interested, except that she redefines femme power..she proposed, bought her own engagement and wedding ring, paid for the wedding and inherits two step-daughters as a part of the package...ha!why dont i hear feminists haul her up as the icon of feminism measks..there should be rejoicing already for redefining the rules of engagement, wedding yadda yadda but noo, dont hear a peeep from them do we now.
So CBS finally ate its own words on the Bush military record debate..frankly, who listens anymore..war records, shwar records..i would be glad when november comes and goes -only so i can be saved from weird pop-up ads asking me to support parties and suchlike..
ookie format to quiz this week..a direct and faithful ripoff from "wait!wait! dont tell me!" from NPR..herez three stories..pull out what you think is the true story..the other two obviously being made-up stories by my fertile yet immature imagination..well, here goes...three stories, pick what you think is a true story..the theme? corny marriage proposals...
1) A restaurant owner in Lousiana proposed to his long-time girlfriend, by sending her favorite "Corn On The Cob" for every weekend they've been together, ending with a corn-cake that had the proposal written on it, in corn-cream.
2) A farmer in Ohio proposed to his girlfriend by carving the proposal in his corn-field and taking her on a flight just above it to propose.
3)A stand-up comedian proposed to his comedienne girlfriend by sending her a corny joke, the kind she loves best, till she accepted his proposal.
and since this is more an opinion based respose, just click on the "comment" link below my blog, and reply as anonymous, if you choose..
Bhutta queensapna

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Swimmerina said...

No 1 No 1 No 1 it is!! and i can say this as the other feel like ur stories ;-) thehehehee