Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fibber Fibonacci Series gotta have a name to the contest on my blogs -ya know, the one where you pick out what you think is the true story, rendering the other two to be untrue, therefore made-up?

Finally found a name for the game, Fibber Fibonacci. For the forgetful, Fibonacci is when you can add up the previous two numbers for the next, thus making 0,1,1,2,3,5,8.... a Fibonacci series. It fits in my scheme of blogs only coz if you factor the last two fibs, you can predict a pattern of my next fibby story. Yeah right!

anyways, herez the Fibber Fibonacci for the day.. Three stories, pick the perceived truthful story - the theme?Insane 'alert' inventions!

1) Cellphone companies in Germany have developed the first mobile phone that will alert the user incase of offensive smells, such as bad breath, sweat stink and other gross stuff.

2) A Scandanavian home-hardware store has developed a voice-activated doorbell system that automatically responds with an "unavailable" message if it recognizes a visitor to be from your "do not allow" list.

3) Television manufacturers in Japan have included a chip for TV's intended for public use to switch the channel incase of undesirable adult content in the programs, gauged by the audiostreams of the show.

Hmm..If ya ask me, all three are untrue..the First had to be developed in France, not Germany. The second is rather pointless coz it could still let in salesmen, etc and the third, why would anything but news play on public TV's anyway??

post in your choices guys...the counter is reset for all..and the contest is on for two weeks before the winner is declared..and this time, without a controversy ;-)

Fibbin away,

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