Thursday, September 23, 2004

What's Up On Ketchup?

Crazy stuff actually - everyone knows the deal on Heinz ketchup. For the "caught unawares", the democratic nominee for prez's wife is the widow of the ketchup baron.phew..kinda like identifying that familiar face at weddings...anyyways..suddenly all the bbq parties and mcdonalds find themselves branded democratic (which they might as well be) if they use heinz ketchup..the true-blue republicans are either swearing off heinz ketchup(perfect opp for amchi maggi ketchup ya think?) or declaring themselves mustard-folk..well well well, its not by who you are, but what you eat that defines your party-loyalty..bring on the fries!!

In anycase, whats the big deal anyway...between bush and kerry, its all in the family according to an article here. The two are ninth cousins, twice removed if its to be believed. I dont need a degree in relational mathematics (ya think it exists?) to figure thats the same odds as me being related to Britney spears (ouch! or is that oops?) ..but seriously? am related to Jayalalitha and Hema when i get obese or sleepy-voiced...blame it on me genes!

Btw...for all the folks who want indian TV as a change from reality shows here, freeze that though. preferably bury it. Ya know the Gudiya story right? (you don't? sheesh..wot WOULD you do without me i ask)..anyway, gudiya is the woman who remarried coz she thot her 10-day married hubby was lost in pakistan..and since was declared a deserter n all, was presumed dead..but then the fella returns..and village-folk are in a "moral" (note the quotes melord) dilemma...then a TV Show takes over..puts them all on the stage, new hubby (whose kid shez preggy with btw) old hubby, parents, gudiya, neighbors and milkman...and make instant-decisions based on kazis and suchlike, live on the telly i tell ya..and then send her home to old hubby..bah!! wonder if they plan to dub jerry springer or have a desi version of his show now?

anyways..onto the Fibber Fibonacci for the day..yesterday's winner is dharma (he listens to NPR instead of work)..and the rite answer was the story on german phone guys who are planning on cellphones that warn the user of body odor (as one of my loyal reader on asks, what if the fella wears a stinking perfume?ah well, never mind)'s theme? What's in a name?

1) A man from Branson renamed himself to "They" with no lastname to prove that there is now a face to the word when people say "they say" or "they do this".
2) A prisoner of Ahmedabad prison renamed himself to "Mahatma Gandhi" to prove that he has reformed, after robbing and murdering 22 men in 3 years. Piece de resistance? he was pardoned the death penalty and given life imprisonment.
3) A couple in New York renamed themselves as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Doughlas so they could get into fancy restaurants and clubs easily while making reservations.

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