Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hammering The Spammering

I go by phonetic matching,the process by which spamming becomes spammering only coz it rhymes with hammering. Cant help it, am a victim of rhyming tendencies. I would much rather match spamming with hamming to keep with the theme. English is notorious for its complicatedness anyway, it wouldn't hurt to throw in a couple of more sugar cubes into the coffee.

anyways..For the first time, am looking at my junk mailbox. Hotmail religiously designates most of my mail into junk, so it isn't tough finding these. Find 14 mails, ranging from my PG&E bill (can I claim bad hotmail techniques for a late payment?) to the following:

1) A link to an astrologer that suspiciously seems to be something mom might've sent to me. She recently discovered astrology online, receiving pages and pages of predictions that make her feel totally obliged to pass onto me, as they are primarily about how badly I shall do in life.

2)A mail from some social-networking site that wants to know how my paycheck compares to others. MIGHT've been interesting if I WAS earning.

3)Links to find true love, child-care centers and retirement plans.

Hell, the spammers have my whole life penned out.All put together, I can find a great paying job, true love, childbirth techniques, childcare centers as well as good retirement plans for old-age. My question is this, do you think folks really click on these? Admittedly, it costs way less to promote anything in the name of a product or service via email than any other form of publicity. Its cheaper than the kid who gives you handouts of shady products for sure. And my guess is even if 2 out of 10000 DO click/purchase these products, they have made a profit. Don't know one person who does though! But what IS interesting, is the kind of services that have come up COZ of spam industry. There are anti-spam services that scan your mail to ensure it isn't spam, there are mailboxes that add on this service at a small extra-cost..The works!! Hurrah for entrepreneurship!

In Research news, bigger nostrils have more smelling power. Well, i am not going to berate this one..they treat smelling disorders better apparently with such studies. Though the smelling disorder thingie tickles me pink...know folks who permanently claim they cant smell anything, (especially when am cooking something, HMPH)..Though it was easy to blame my burnt cooking on these folks, as they refuse to smell burnt food, I just think of treating folks to smelling disorders.eewwwww!

Here is a quiz question..what has more patches than my old faithful pair of jeans? Microsoft OS thats what is..they released another patch for a major JPEG security flaw..seems extremely scary coz anyone opening a JPEG file is vulnerable to MAN!

Btw...watched my on the telly last evening..Spy Game...Arent ashamed to say thats the first robert redford movie i've seen..but man hez good! as is floppy-haired brad pitt for a change, but then he really doesnt need to act much coz hez a dead-faced military guy anyways in the movie..but the best part of the movie? the background ROCKS!! was already crazy for the Bourne Supremacy soundtrack and this seems to fall in the same line. Old Faithful amazon has it with a 4.5 rating..will keep you posted on how the CD turned out!

Has anyone noticed the website lately? Dont know if its been like so for long, coz i started checking it only recently. But gotta say, it feels and reads like a sleazy tabloid. I know the newspaper wasnt in great shape a couple of years back in india, what with full-page ads for femina miss india ON THE FIRST page..and coverage of timesofindia exclusive events as news items..but the website sucks! apart from awful pop-ups that can make you miserable, even the front-page has sleazy, pointless news to drive home the tabloid effect. sheesh.have a look and lemme know what you think!

now for the quiz question..the wheel on the indian flag represents

1) Laws of dharma
2) India's wheels of progress
3)the states in india
4) The coming together of various religions within the country.

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