Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Trials and tribulations of my dollar bill

Hey..remember those 5 rupee notes in India that looked anything BUT 5 rupee notes? greased and stained and torn and cellotaped? dont see much of that on dollar bills here sadly (wasnt convincing the shop fella to take your note the worst?) but did find the link stamped on it. was trudging down the office to get a bag of chips (yeah yeah..i will get FAT and obese..but atleast i died tasting food) anyways..its a website that traces your dollar bill.put in the data to where i found mine, with serial numbers et al..and discovered it was earlier unearthed by a clerk at a striptease bar. Much help THAT info was to me..cant really fathom whats the use to this..some possibilities?

a) The website itself - if they stamp even 30% of dollar bills in the country, they get that much of traffic already requires a login if you want email updates that trace your note.situation: at work. i get an email that tells me my dollar bill turned up at the BART station in SF..i beam proudly at my darling bill, how brave! insert sheesher here (sheesher. Noun. The act of slapping the right palm to the forehead and saying "sheesh").

b)ya think it helps in criminology? hands up are arrested for blah blah blah..where and all have you been today? Ha! gotcha! you didnt mention that you visited the dingaldo pub - how did i know? tch underestimate the power of tracing a dollar bill..hmm..plausible scenario.

CBS is on fire! while other channels flounder around with lousy emmy viewership, these guys are taking the tabloid route to news..first off, the bush papers that have been deemed fake..before folks started yawning at the news and looking to other rumors, they get slapped with a huge fine for the janet jackson fiasco.. way to go CBS!! the tabloid strategies got to you too finally!

speaking of censorships (where we talking about it?.of course silly, janet jackson brought about censorship in superbowls right? keep up will ya?) Google is squirming under its self-appointed holy grail laws...the google news apparently excludes controversial news from china, thus acting like a censorboard all by itself. now now, google is great and all that..but considering the trash it does throw up sometimes as search results, isnt it a tad much that they actually go about banning sites thus influencing reader perception of whats top news? hmm..

Search Suspicious,

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